Timmy’s Bloggers Meet

Timmy’s hosted a wonderful evening at the Johar Town branch on the 23rd of March, 2018. We hosted a group of bloggers at our branch and we all had an awesome time together.

The evening included serenade and wonderful unplugged performances by Osama Mateen and Nusrat Ullah Roomi. The evening couldn’t have been more delightful than the singers made it. The lovely voices of Roomi and Osama added an amazing ambiance to the lovely Timmy’s food.


Timmy's Burger Shakes PizzaTimmy's Burger Shakes pizza


The event was set up by the Marketing Department of Timmy’s and coordinated well with the Operations Department. The welcome drink for the bloggers was a lovely mojito blend. The Rose and mint flavored drink was refreshing to the core. The food served later was a new product tasting with the food bloggers.
The product was very well received and Timmy’s got lovely feedback. As a token of appreciation for their presence, the bloggers were given discount vouchers for their next Timmy’s visit.

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